How can NILD help?

NILD therapists see students with learning difficulties on a one-on-one basis, providing intensive and interactive teaching on, “how to think” rather than “what to think”.

The focus of NILD educational therapy is to develop clear, efficient thinking and build self-confident, independent learners.

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Rhythmic Writing

Research has proven the important connection between our body and our brain. The figure eight is incorporated in an activity called Rhythmic Writing that helps to strengthen attention, processing skills, and handwriting.

Rhythmic Writing is one of over twenty educational therapy techniques that NILD-trained therapists employ to enhance their students’ ability to learn.

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Identify Early Learning Difficulties

No child enters nursery school without the desire and intent to learn. What can be done for the child who quickly realises that learning is a challenge and starts losing interest in the learning process?

SEARCH and TEACH® is an early intervention programme developed to meet the educational needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure.

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The Changing Brain

We know that the brain is malleable and elastic and can physically change in response to stimulus and grow new neuronal connections.

NILD believes that all students can learn and that the brain is open to modification at all stages of development. This means that the brains of students with learning disabilities can become more efficient by strengthening neurological pathways.


Are You a Concerned Parent?

How do you know when classroom instruction is not enough for your child? Look for these signs that may indicate your child may benefit from additional help.

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Find a NILD Therapist

NILD Zimbabwe has been training NILD therapists since 2011. NILD is represented in 30 private schools and there are a number of therapists in private practice.

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Train as a NILD Therapist

If you have a passion for teaching and children, NILD Educational Therapy may be the certification for you. Courses are run annually.

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Praise for NILD Educational Therapy

“Since its founding over twenty-five years ago, NILD’s methods and philosophy have mirrored solid findings about brain development and the complex process we call learning. While others have jumped aboard the various trendy bandwagons that afflict education from time to time, NILD has held to and expanded on their effective, and research-based approach. The many therapists they have trained and the many, many children with whom these therapists have worked are witness to their ongoing success.”

Dr. Jane Healy, P.H.D / Author – Endangered Minds.