One on one teachingTEACH is a resource book of instructional methods and fifty-five task cards that builds a child’s pre-academic skills specific to reading and the language arts. As the companion instructional element of the SEARCH & TEACH® programme, TEACH provides the rationale, the step by step methodology, and the teaching materials necessary for intervention with children who are found to be vulnerable to learning failure as determined by SEARCH. TEACH organises a programme of learning according to an individual child’s SEARCH profile. As such, TEACH considers a child’s strong and weak academic areas and prescribes appropriate instructional tasks basic to reading and the language arts.

The TEACH programme prioritises pre-reading tasks from simple to complex and organises them into a practical plan of five clusters as ascertained by the results of the SEARCH test.

These clusters include:

  • Visual
  • Visual-motor
  • Auditory
  • Body-image
  • Intermodal skill clusters

Teach is given as a one-on-one instruction.