About Us

LornaportraitLorna McCosh is a qualified teacher, educational therapist and joint Director of NILD Zimbabwe (Pvt) Ltd, registered in February 2012. Lorna has a passion for children and has spent 10 years teaching those with learning difficulties. Having looked for an analytical programme capable of helping children with ALL types of learning challenges, she “discovered” NILD and found that there was one NILD educational therapist already working in Zimbabwe – Barbara Cravetti. Lorna asked Barbara to be her partner in starting NILD Zimbabwe. Together they would help children, train educators and change lives!

Lorna attended school in Scotland and Zimbabwe and graduated from University of Zimbabwe in 1983 with two Law Degrees, BL and LLB and worked for CT Bowring as a legal advisor. Lorna later moved into FMCG marketing and was the Marketing Manager for Artmail Zimbabwe. After emigrating to the UK she became Marketing Manager for Jet Stationery, a pan European manufacturing firm. Lorna is married and has two children.

BarbaraBarbara Cravetti is a qualified teacher with special interest in working with those who find learning difficult. She has 30 years teaching experience from pre-schoolers to ‘O’ level pupils, and also adults learning computer programming and application skills. As a pupil, Barbara herself had remedial tuition and this has been a strong influence in her passion for finding ways to make learning challenging yet obtainable, exciting and fun for all pupils. She would love every child to leave school confident, proud, independent in learning skills and able to reach his/her potential.

Barbara attained her teaching degree at Rhodes University, and taught in South Africa and Zimbabwe. She also spent 6 years in the computer industry, programming and then training adults before returning to her passion, teaching. In 2008 Barbara acquired her NILD qualification, and in 2012 Barbara and Lorna formed NILD Zimbabwe in order to focus on developing NILD. Barbara is currently the Chairperson of REMTA (Remedial Teachers Association). Barbara has three children.