Level I is an introduction to the general field of learning disabilities and provides foundational training in the philosophy and techniques of NILD Educational Therapy®. The course prepares participants to begin giving educational therapy as interns (all NILD educational therapists are considered interns until certification).


  • Bachelor’s degree in education or a related field


Level II provides a review of introductory NILD Educational Therapy® techniques and introduces a series of techniques for advanced students to include mediated learning and questioning skills.


  • Successful completion of Level I
  • Minimum one year experience with one student
  • Proof of attendance at NILD regional conference


Level III develops mastery skills and provides an in-depth study of mediation, cognitive functions and information processing within NILD Educational Therapy® techniques


  • Minimum of 200 student contact hours
  • Successful completion of Levels I and II
  • Proof of attendance at NILD regional conference

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“The thing that I enjoyed most about my NILD training was that I felt excited and inspired by the new ways of thinking, and felt like I couldn’t wait to try them out with my students. The course setup allowed me to gain a rounded understanding of how dyslexia manifests, so that I could fully understand how the therapy works, and I could really see how the techniques could help the children, because they were fun and challenging, and stimulated so many different parts of the brain. I found the course really extended me, even the pre-course reading challenged my thinking and opened me up to new ideas.

Applying NILD with my students was a great experience. I felt fully supported by the materials, and by my training. I also had the continued help of my mentors.

The children brought variation to the sessions, which meant that I had to think a great deal in therapy too! Having applied NILD for almost three years, I can definitely see the benefits, the children adapt their ways of thinking and begin to apply their new strategies in different situations, which is incredibly satisfying to observe.

NILD works, and I am so glad that I have been able to witness its effectiveness for myself. “

Elana Peebles – Head of Curriculum Support and is studying an MA in Special Educational Needs at Leeds University and prior to this was the head of curriculum support at Springvale House in Zimbabwe).

“When I heard about NILD therapist training I was running The Delphi Learning Centre at Hellenic which was designed to offer learning support to children with Dyslexia. I would see children in small groups three times a week for support in English and maths. I found it to be an extremely challenging task trying to deal with children with such vast differences in ability and areas of difficulty. The lack of a specific, structured programme to follow left me feeling overwhelmed and I often felt that I was getting nowhere, I couldn’t see that the children I was teaching were making any marked progress.

I was reluctant to do NILD because I had understood that the therapy had to be done only with individuals and could not be done in groups. This is strictly true but what I found was that doing the course gave me direction, it gave me a structured system to follow and it gave me clear goals.

It opened me up to new methods and a focus on mediated learning which I have found to be absolutely invaluable and extremely effective.

After completing the course I continued to run the Delphi Centre and I adapted many of the techniques and started to apply the spelling rules and syllabication principals to my groups. I started to see a change and felt like the children I was seeing were making progress in reading, spelling and maths. I began seeing one child for NILD therapy in that year and loved it so much that the following year I took on another three.

I am now doing NILD full time at Hellenic and have ten pupils. I absolutely love NILD therapy, I honestly think it is the most incredible and rewarding programme, for both the student and the therapist. Every session gives me a sense of accomplishment and I feel like I am making a real difference to the lives of my students.

I hope that you will consider doing the course. It really has been life changing for me and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
Nicola Savo – Hellenic Primary School