How Does it Work?

Girl LearningResearch indicates that thinking can be changed through intensive, focused intervention. Students are trained to think for themselves rather than depending upon a teacher or parent to think for them. Language and thinking skills are interdependent so that when one skill develops, the other is also strengthened. Educational therapists are trained to develop language and thinking through effective questioning. Students are taught to defend their answers and to reflect upon their thinking processes. They change from dependant learners to those who think and reason independently.

While journeying to independence, students’ abilities to learn become stronger because they are better able to:

  • pay attention and stay focused on the teacher’s voice
  • accurately hear and remember what the teacher is saying
  • read visual information on the board, transparencies, or computer screen
  • identify and comprehend the main points of what is being taught and accurately determine the significant information to record
  • remember how to spell words needing to be written
  • Write legibly
  • Complete homework accurately and independently

Educational specialists  foster students’ journeys to independent thinking and learning by individualising intervention:

  • focusing specifically on students’ areas of difficulty and dealing with challenges as they arise during the actual learning process
  • maintaining the intensity of focus needed to help the student work through difficulties
  • developing the trust needed to free the student to accept and work on difficult areas

Parents assist their child’s journey to independent thinking and learning by:

  • providing structure and accountability
  • supervising homework
  • maintaining regular contact with the educational specialist to increase understanding of the learning process and collaborate in providing an effective programme for their child