“My son, now 13yrs old, was assessed when he was 8 and it was confirmed that he was ADHD.  We made an informative decision to start him on Ritalin and were also advised to start him on the NILD programme in order to assist him to catch up/grasp all the fundamental basics he had missed out on.  Both my husband & I were very proactive towards NILD as we believed our child needed to learn and that a tablet alone wouldn’t fix his problems.  Below are some of the comments made by teachers and/Head’s before he started the NILD program:

  • he needs to take school more seriously,
  • he is disruptive,
  • If he concentrated and applied himself he would do much better,
  • he is a reprobate.

He started with NILD therapy twice a week (80min session) in Grade 5.  Three weeks into the first term of Grade 5, my son’s confidence increased – he was no longer a closed book and would get in the car and give me a detailed description of what had happened at school that day.  6 months into the programme he started to realise that school work was not this big “omen” that it was before. His attitude toward school changed as he realised he needed to commit to the programme if he was to benefit from it.

The one on one, intense hard work in a NILD session could train his brain to do what it wasn’t used to doing before!  In the NILD sessions a lot of focus was put on his individual weaknesses and he learnt how to develop his long & short term memory, multi tasking, breaking ominous tasks into smaller simpler ones, think logically and NILD helped with things like his handwriting.

What he learnt in NILD he started applying to all aspects of his life, and later went on to become the World Champion for his age group in an Olympic sport!  By Grade 7, his class teacher commented that he had a natural ability for Maths, this from a child who hated maths before doing NILD! He was now reaping the fruits of the programme!  The NILD program also taught him that there are ways of overcoming difficulties in life and that it’s ok to be the one that has to work harder.  He developed an amazing relationship with his NILD teacher and that in itself is a life skill.

My son is now enjoying Form 1 and often forgets to take his Ritalin, but due to the fact that he did 3 years of NILD therapy, he knows how to prompt himself to do what he needs to do.  NILD is a huge commitment for both parent and student, but worth every bit, I cannot put down in words the support and life skills my son got from this programme.

Our daughter is also ADHD and is dyslexic, she cannot take Ritalin for health reasons and I personally believe NILD is the only way forward as NILD teaches people with learning problems the skills to overcome their specific problem areas.  No extra lesson, test or drug can do that!”



“Our son Dylan was assessed as being dyslexic in 2011 after finding that he was struggling with his written subjects at Hellenic Junior School. Lorna McCosh was recommended to us by several people. He started with Lorna mid-way through 2011 and was the seeing her twice a week then and during 2012 and 2013.The difference the NILD course made with Dylan was substantial and Lorna was an outstanding tutor. Dylan is now at high school and is doing very well”.

“I was fortunate enough to offer my daughter the opportunity to work with the NILD concept.  Don’t get me wrong, it was not a walk in the park, it was hard work to take time out of my day to get her to and from her lessons while holding down a full time job.  I can honestly say that lessons learnt from NILD are for life.  She has really appreciated the concept and uses it every day.  At the school prize giving, 2 years after our graduation from NILD, she was awarded the ‘English’ prize, even though she is dyslexic.  Much gratitude to NILD and those teaching it.  My only regret is that I did not pursue it with my son.  Needless to say I have recommended it to many people and would do so in a heartbeat.  It is true when they say “perseverance” pays off in the end.”



“The combination of the NILD syllabus as well as the therapist’s instructive and encouraging approach assisted our daughter in improving her overall proficiency in both mathematics and language and be able to tackle subject matter in both disciplines with enhanced confidence and effectiveness.The NILD methodology is thoroughly recommended, for those with learning difficulties.”



“When our daughter’s class teacher called us in concern in the first term of Grade 6 to say that she was “literally away with the fairies”, we were horrified.  Less than 2 years until the dreaded Chisz Entrance Exams, and we had a problem.  She was hovering well below average in her class, and had given up even trying to keep up.  Our frenzied lectures to “work harder” and “try more” were just making matters worse. Our happy little girl was becoming withdrawn, remote, and seemingly totally disinterested in school.

What followed was a nightmare of Assessments, Appointments, Labels, Prescription Drugs and general anguish as we jumped through the hoops which are only too familiar to parents and children facing similar problems.

NILD was a beacon of light and positivity amongst the frenzied turmoil.  Our daughter flourished in an environment where she had one-on-one attention.  She literally relaxed into the system, where “trying more” and “working harder” meant trying different methods and working more effectively, and where her efforts were evident from day one, because every day brought new achievements, and every new achievement brought new confidence.  Her strengths were used to fortify her weaknesses and she blossomed as she (all of us, in fact) realised that she could do it, that she had excellent capabilities and an excellent capacity to learn, that she was trying and that she was working hard, that all she really needed was the support, the right tools and the right environment.

By the end of the second term, our daughter was coming 10th in class, and was a completely different child.  That is all the testimonial that we need to give, and we absolutely recommend NILD to anyone facing similar problems.”


“Our son was battling at school by grade 5 , a quiet happy and well behaved child , a bit dreamy, was the outward impression.  By the end of the year we realised that despite his innate intelligence he was struggling with basic maths concepts, his hand writing and spelling were unintelligible, reading comprehension tasks were almost impossible and his books full of unfinished sentences and blank pages.  He was first tested by an educational psychologist who concluded borderline dyslexia plus ADD inattentive problems. He was then assessed by Lorna McCosh at Nild with regard to the suitability of  NILD therapy  to remedy his areas of weakness.

I would recommend going through the initial assessment process to understand what problems your child has and to gain an understanding of the barriers that are standing in the way of your child’s learning in mainstream schooling.

We discovered that our son’s learning had stalled sometime back, that he had lost confidence in the classroom. We found that he had no grasp of phonics at all, and his resultant poor sight word recognition was ensuring that his reading speed and comprehension could never be good. And that without these cornerstones he would not ever be able to read and spell effectively. Despite being of decent intelligence our son was disabled by learning difficulties. Testing showed that despite our belief that he was fairly average but could do better, he was reading and spelling at a level several years below his grade level. To me the biggest shock was to discover that inattention is a disorder and not a “personality” type and that things can be done to help.

The good news is that our son completed the NILD programme with Lorna McCosh in two years  and graduated with reading and spelling levels significantly ABOVE his grade /age level. And that he now has the  knowledge and understanding necessary to be a good speller and to be able to deal with large swathes of written information at high school.  His handwriting is improved beyond measure and he has entered high school in a top academic set, full of confidence in his ability to learn and to be part of the learning process on offer. We highly recommend NILD therapy and are very grateful to Lorna McCosh for her commitment to assisting children with learning disabilities and to the NILD progamme.”