WJ III Educational Assessment

wj3Woodcock Johnson III assesses educational achievement in two core subjects ie English and Maths. It consists of 22 tests, 11 sub-tests for English and 11 sub-tests for Maths.

The tests give detailed information for the following categories:

  • Reading
  • Oral language
  • Mathematics
  • Written language
  • Academic knowledge.

The raw scores are used to obtain estimated age and grade equivalents scores, as well as percentiles and standard scores. These areas are used to calculate inter-achievement variations.

With WJ III results and reports –

  • the subtests make the discrepancies far more specific than other standardised tests
  • it can provide information on the child’s performance and development of learning areas
  • it is used to identify strengths and weakness in learning areas
  • teachers can understand the terminology and know how to help the child
  • it will continually chart individual progress when done annually.

Being a standardised tests the scores are comparable to other standardised assessments.

NILD Zimbabwe are the only practitioners in Zimbabwe who have the Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement, which is a well recognised academic assessment.