Faces of NILD

Faces of NILD

Lorna McCosh   BL  LLB  A.Cert.Ed (Foundation & Early Childhood Development) 

NILD Zimbabwe Director

NILD Professionally certified NILD Educational Therapist

Having attained an LLB Law degree, Lorna worked in commercial marketing in the UK, and in 2002 followed her interest in teaching. Her specialist interest lay in helping those students who were clearly bright but were struggling at school, because of learning difficulties. Lorna searched for an analytical programme that would help students with learning challenges and set up NILD Zimbabwe at the beginning of 2012.

Lorna has a passion for children and has spent the last 11 years using NILD educational therapy to help students realise their potential. 

Lorna is a literacy specialist, and works with dyslexic students. She also offers a comprehensive, specific assessment to diagnose dyslexia and plan the best intervention to assist these students.

Lorna is married with two adult children.

Professional Support Team

Nina Peacocke   BA (English and Art History) PGCert. Ed (Inc. & Spec. Ed))

NILD Professionally certified NILD Educational Therapist

Nina is a passionate educator who has ten years high school teaching experience, teaching mainly English Language and Literature. It was in this mainstream setting that she realised there were students who, despite their obvious intelligence, were failing to achieve academically. She realised her teacher training had ill-equipped her for teaching students that learned differently, and it was this realisation that then prompted her to train as an NILD educational therapist and gain the tools she so desperately needed in order to help these children. Aside from her NILD therapy, Nina believes in the importance of, not just education, but the nurturing of both sound morals and values in a bid to build better communities.

Nina is married with one child.

Sam Foster    BA (English & History) PGCert. Ed (Infant Teaching)

NILD Professionally certified NILD Educational Therapist

Sam started teaching at infant level and is Head of Curriculum Support at Lilfordia school as well as being an NILD educational therapist. She has been involved with children who learn differently for eight years and loves to see how children respond and grow during NILD educational therapy. Working with children who struggle in the classroom has become her passion and she is now a full-time learning support teacher, offering both NILD educational therapy and Search and Teach therapy. 

Sam is married with three children.

Nicola Savo   B Psych (Hons) PGCert. Ed (Special Needs)

NILD Professionally certified NILD Educational Therapist

Having seen a younger sibling with dyslexia struggle through school, Nicola was always interested in dyslexia and its impact on self-esteem.  She chose this as the topic for her thesis when doing an honours degree in psychology. Nicola’s intention was to become an educational psychologist but she discovered that what she really loved was teaching. NILD has been such a wonderful way to combine her two passions. Being an educational therapist brings such a feeling of reward. Nicola feels as though the programme has given her the opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of children who are battling with Dyslexia.  

Nicola is currently overseeing the learning support department at Hellenic Primary School and is a full time NILD educational therapist. 

Nicola is married with two children.