Rx 4 Discovery for Reading

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This is a lecture and laboratory course designed to train teachers to provide intervention in a group setting for students whose basic reading skills are below expected standards.

The time required for assignments and prerequisite assignments has been estimated at 5 hours.

Course Description

The Rx for Discovery Reading training takes the five essential components of reading –

  • phonemic awareness
  • phonics
  • fluency
  • vocabulary and
  • reading comprehension

and systematically teaches NILD Educational Therapists how to use the NILD materials and methodology to develop these components.

The training is designed to model how to weave these components, that we call “strands of language” into a language braid that is comprehensive, constructive, and creative. Once the Rx for Discovery Reading training is completed NILD educational therapists will be able to work with students in small groups and effectively and efficiently develop decoding and encoding skills in their students.


Participants need to have successfully completed Level 1 NILD Educational Therapy.

Course Objectives


Successful completion of this course will enable an NILD educational therapist (ET) to identify and assess student needs in basic reading and utilise the group model Rx for Discovery Reading to teach students basic reading skills.


Upon completion of this course, the educational therapist or teacher will be able to:

  1. Communicate an understanding of the differences between group and individualised interventions
  2. Demonstrate an ability to work with groups of 4-6 students in the teaching of basic reading skills
  3. Communicate the theories of mediated learning in a group setting
  4. Design a plan for group implementation that would meet the learning needs of a specific group of students
  5. Communicate the differences between educational therapy and small group intervention in basic reading skills.

[table style=”style2″][table_open_row][table_title]Rx for Reading – Fundamentals™ [/table_title][/table_open_row][/table]

Course Description

This is a hybrid workshop with approximately 8 hours of pre-course work to be completed before attending the one-day meeting.

This professional training workshop provides Nursery School to Grade 3 teachers with foundational understandings from brain research on how reading develops from a biological and cognitive developmental perspective and the instructional implications.

Teachers will explore how reading impacts thinking and learning and examine the link between reading, spelling and writing.

The training focuses on broadening teachers’ conceptions of structured literacy instructional practices that support reading success for all learners.

Course Objectives

Successful completion of this workshop will enable teachers to use evidence-informed strategies to teach students basic reading skills.