Executive Function Workshop

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This is a one-day online workshop.

Course Description

Several research studies suggest that well-developed Executive Function skills are actually more predictive of academic success than psychometric measures of intelligence. The mastery of processes such as goal setting, planning, organising, task initiating, sustaining attention, shifting flexibly, holding/manipulating information in working memory, inhibiting impulses and self-monitoring provides a valuable entry point for improving academic performance, motivation, effort, persistence and self-efficacy.

We all use these executive function skills to help us learn, work, and manage the tasks that face us each day! Although parents and teachers expect children to use Executive Function skills to negotiate many of the demands of childhood and adolescence, ironically these skills are rarely explicitly taught, practiced or coached.

Thankfully these cognitive skills can be spurred to development with instruction and repeated practice provided in the classroom, and generalised to life-long learning experiences.


Course Objectives

This workshop will not only increase your understanding of Executive Function skills, but will also provide you with practical ways to promote and coach their development.