Search and Teach

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Course Description

No pre-requisites: This course is available to nursery school teachers and teachers

Recent and current research indicates the value of a “preventative” approach to deal with potential learning problems in the future.

NILD Zimbabwe has taken the challenge to provide help for young students (K – Grade 2) .

NILD Zimbabwe offers a two-day training course in SEARCH & TEACH®, an early identification and intervention programme developed to meet the needs of young learners before they experience the frustration of learning failure.

NILD Zimbabwe have been training teachers to implement SEARCH & TEACH® in nursery and primary schools in Zimbabwe since 2011.

Course Objectives

SEARCH is a 20-minute individual test designed to identify 5 and 6-year-olds vulnerable to learning difficulties, and provides profiles of individual strengths and weaknesses in the foundational systems necessary for reading success.

TEACH is a program of 55 learning tasks, carefully developed and tested during a four-year investigation of pre-reading skills to address the needs revealed by SEARCH. It is an individualised program, but does allow for some small group work of review activities with children of similar needs.